for visits up to 5 years

for visits up to 5 years
Insurance protection for private persons


Insurance for people up to 67 years of age,
runtime up to 5 years, no deductibles,  also applicable after the start of travel.


  • worldwide validity (limited in: USA, Canada,Switzerland)

   (Insurable in home country)

  • Stationary and ambulatory care: 100%
  • Dental care: 100%
  • Insurance coverage for up to three months yearly in the home country
  • The highest Insurable age is 66 years
  • Repatriation (return transport) up to 250.000 Euro per incident
  • Transfer in case of death up to 10.000 Euro


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International Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance cover for expats and immigrants.

The maximum insurable age is 66 years, the insurance cover ends in the month of birth when you turn 67 years old.Term up to 5 years, one-time extension possible, no deductible, can also be taken out after the start of the trip. Pre-
existing conditions are excluded from insurance coverage.
Worldwide coverage; (with the USA, Canada and Switzerland limited to 42 days per year)


  •  Inpatient and outpatient treatments: 100% Dental Treatments: 100%
  •  Dentures: 80% (waiting period of 8 months)
  •  Visual aids: 50 Euro per insurance year
  •  Pregnancy and childbirth: 100% (waiting period of 8 months)
  •  Preventive outpatient medical examinations for early detection of cancer: 100%
  •  Insurance coverage in your home country for up to three months per year
  •  The maximum insurable age is 66 years, no health questions or examinations on  application.
  •  Repatriation (Return Transport) up to 250.000 Euro per loss event
  •  Repatriation in case of death up to 10.000 Euro
  •  Psychotherapy: 80% on outpatient trauma treatment, up to 2,000 Euro per insurance year



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