International health insurance



Insurance protection for private individuals

  • Insurance protection for private individuals Worldwide validity, depending on your
    destination country
  • Insurance cover in your home country for up to twelve months a year
  • Maximum age at entry into insurance:maximum 65 years
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatments: 100%
  • Drugs, bandages and remedies: 100%
  • Dental treatments: 100%
  • Ambulance transport: 100%
  • Optional deductible: You have the choice between 4
    different deductibles (€500, €1,000, €2,500 or €5,000)
  • Choice of refund amount: 90% or 80% of actual Costs

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International Medical Insurance



Insurance protection for private individuals

The contribution amount depends on the preferred country zone, the age of the insured
individual, the preferred deductible, the product variant as well as possible risk
premium. EXPAT INFINITY BASIC offers Insurance with a starting contribution of 65 Euro. EXPAT INFINITY CLASSIC offers additional services starting at 80 Euro and EXPAT INFINITY PREMIUM with even more benefits starts at 94 Euro. Due to the high flexibility and customization possibilities, the rates can have strong variations. Because of this, we recommend requesting a personal offer through our ONLINE BUTTON.

  • lifelong International health Insurance with worldwide validity and flexible customization possibilities
  • possible eligibility
  • maximum age at insurance start: 75 years
  • mandatory medical examination starting at 60 years of age


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» Information sheet Expat eligibility Infinity

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Thai health insurance

Pacific Cross – Lifestyle Series


Comprehensive health insurance

Thai Health Insurance with Lifetime Renewability.
The insurance is also recognized by the authorities in Thailand and Germany for O-A visa holders. Maximum age at the time of insurance entry is 75 years. When applying, health questions must be answered, and a medical examination is required from the age of 65. A mammography examination is required for female applicants from the age of 40. Without this, the insurance can still be applied for and taken out, but the insurer excludes any treatment or examination for breast cancer. Geographic Coverage: Thailand Worldwide Emergency Medical Treatment 60 days per trip, excluding USA & Canada. The Insurance is valid for life, which means that if the application is accepted, the insurer cannot kick you out due to age or illness. You can of course cancel the insurance yearly 3 Month before the main due date. Insured is both illness and accident. Coverage limitations for inpatient and outpatient treatment, for detailed
information, please refer to the attached overview of benefits. The Thai insurers differ from the international or German insurers in that there are restrictions on the individual sums insured for each inpatient or outpatient treatment. e.g., Doctor visits, room cost per day for board and lodging, home and hospital stay medication, lab results, X-ray, and individual surgeries per claim. The amount of the premium depends on the selected product variant, the age of the person to be insured, the desired deductible and possible risk surcharges.

Pacific Cross – Lifestyle Series Benefits-Brochure:

»Standard, Standard Plus & Standard Extra»

»Premier & Premier Plus»

»Maxima & Maxima Plus

»Ultima & Ultima Plus

»Lifestyle Series PolicyWording

The price-performance ratio of these two tariffs is very recommendable, though they don’t always fulfill the individual needs of our customers.

Some Highlights of the other Insurers

  • Moratorium clause no medical questions for up to 50 years, guaranteed application acceptance
  • applicable up to 99 years of age
  • modular principle only Insure whats needed
  • limited Insurance protection on Thailand
  • Performance centre directly in Bangkok


For these providers, we ask you to please fill out the contact formula so we can send you an individual offer. Please add your date of Birth and preferred Insurance.

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