Foreigners in Germany (Schengen Visa)

International Travel and Medical Insurance

International Travel and Medical Insurance


With the Visa-Travel Insurance you are insured for a maximum of 1 year. The total
duration of the visit in Germany or other Schengen-Countries can not exceed 1 year.

must apply online BEFORE departure.


  • International insurance protection for 26
    (The Schengen-agreement has been signed
    by 26 Countries: Belgium, Denmark,
    Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece,
    Island, Italia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
    Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway,
    Austria, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain,
    Sweden, Slovakia, Slowenia, Czech
    Republic, Hungary.)
  • Ambulatory & Stationery hospital care
  • for trips up to 365 days
  • precise daily premium calculation
  • highest insurable age is 74 years of age
  • without deductible

Daily premium per Person

Visa plus for foreign guests for visits up to 365 days


Until 65. Birthday: 1,20 €
After 65. Birthday:: 2,50 €


» Price overview

» Product information sheet

» Insurance conditions


Insurance protection for private individuals and natural persons reported by a legal entity

For people up to 67 years of age, runtime up
to 5 years, no deductibles, can apply after departure up to max. 1 Year, after 31 days
medical certificate.

Insurable are all nationalities in Europe and worldwide that are not working and are not
subject to compulsory Insurance in Germany


  • Validity for temporary stays in Germany, the
    European Union as well as the Schengen- Region.
  • stationary and ambulatory treatment: 100%
  • dental care: 100%
  • Insurance coverage in the home country is possible
  • the highest insurable age is 66 years
  • without deductible

» Information sheet Expat Germany

»Insurance documents Expat Germany

starting at/Month


Insurance protection for private individuals


  • worldwide validity (limited: USA, Canada,Switzerland (Insurance protection in homecountry possible)
  • maximum Insurance period possible up to 67Years of age
  • pre-existing conditions included after one treatment free year
  • stationary and ambulatory treatment: 100%
    (accommodation in a single bedroom as private patient)
  • dental treatment: 100% (dentures: 90%)
  • Zahnmedizinische Behandlungen: 100% (Zahnersatz: 90%)
  • cancer screening: 100%
  • general check-ups up to 300 Euro per year of contract
  • travel protection vaccination up to 250 Euro per year of contract
  • Vaccination for children in accordance with
    German STIKO preliminary examination
  • visual aid: 600 Euro all 3 years of contract

» Infosheet Expat private Premium
» Insurance documents Expat private Premium


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